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Our Cocktail Recipes:

Cranberry Gin-Gin:

  • 90ml Cranberry tea (hot)
  • 30ml Wild Diamond Rare Dry Gin
  • 15ml Agave syrup
  • 15ml Stones Green Ginger Wine
  • 15ml Fresh lime juice
  • Dash Orange Bitters
  • Cranberry and Wild Thyme to garnish

Boil the kettle and make a hot strong cup of Cranberry Tea (Try Healtheries ‘Cranberry with Apple’ tea bag). Take 90ml of tea into a cocktail shaker and add 30ml of Wild Diamond Rare Dry Gin, 15ml Agave syrup, 15ml fresh lime juice, 15ml Stones Green Ginger Wine, and a dash of Orange Bitters. Pour into a glass handle mug, or rocks glass. Garnish with a fresh cranberry on the glass edge, and a floating sprig of fresh Wild Thyme.

Enjoy your steaming hot winter warmer!

Orchard Wilderness:

  • 60ml Wild Diamond Cucumber and Ginseng Vodka
  • 60ml Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (Any from the NZ region)
  • 60ml Cloudy apple juice
  • Slice of cucumber and diamond of lime rind to garnish

In a cocktail shaker, combine all ingredients with a small scoop of ice. Shake briefly to chill, and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a slice of cucumber on side of glass and a floating diamond cut fresh lime rind.

Wild Diamond Tonic:

  • 30ml Wild Diamond Rare Dry Gin
  • 150ml East Imperial Tonic Water
  • Fresh mint tips and slice of lemon to garnish

In a rocks glass, combine scoop of ice, fresh mint, and lemon slice. Pour Wild Diamond Rare Dry Gin over, and top up glass with Tonic Water. Stir gently and serve.

Our Distiller

Claire Iredale comes from a professional background in Herbal Medicine, and this has brought a wealth of knowledge to botanical sourcing, and the research and development process involved in manufacturing botanical spirits.

A connection with plants and their components means that Claire is able to identify ideal flavour profiles, source best plant quality, extract these gently from the botanicals, and result in a botanical spirit that we hope you absolutely love.

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